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Woombye Ashed Triple Brie (QLD)

Woombye Ashed Triple Brie
Woombye Ashed Triple Brie

Woombye Ashed Triple Brie: Review

This cow’s milk cheese has and ash-rolled rind encasing a paste speckled further with small bits of ash. Woombye Ashed Triple Brie has an ivory coloured interior of even consistency. The small is of medium intensity in line with other brie style cheeses. As a result of the ash it is no surprise that that dominant flavours are mineral and savoury combined with a natural sweetness arising from the dairy flavours. There’s a slight umani present too. I found this very enjoyable to eat. I tasted this alongside a French pastuerised brie and also another Woombye brie and it held its own against them. Medium complexity and length.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try a focused red with a bit of acidity like Vinea Marson Nebbiolo, or check my cheese and wine matching guide.

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Where to buy

I bought it from Ripe.

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@lepetitefoodie for the photo


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