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Woodside Cheese Wrights: Fibonacci Cheese (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Woodside Fibonacci Soft Cow’s Cheese

Artisan Cheese Review: Woodside Fibonacci

Woodside Fibonacci cheese is a visually striking artisan offering. This is because the sprig of thyme bound within the rind makes this cheese a dramatic sight. As a results it will add life to any cheese platter. It’s a soft cow’s milk cheese similar to a brie or camembert.

The one I bought was about five days past its sell-by date, and my guess is that because it was at the older end of its shelf-life it was softer inside and so it scores about 7 on my goo scale. Tasted very acceptable to me.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Since this artisan cheese has a rich creamy flavour it needs a bigger bodied white wine to handle this flavour profile. A chardonnay would be ideal. For an alternative grape variety try a viognier. An affordable-yet-good option here is Yalumba Y Series Viognier which at AUD10-14 a bottle is amongst the best value wines commonly available in Australia IMHO. I recently reviewed Soumah Estate’s viognier which at AUD30 is more expensive while more refined.

Where to buy

I bought mine from Emerald Deli in South Melbourne Market. Of course you can go to the cheesemaker’s website,

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