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Woodside Cheese Saltbush (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Woodside Cheese Saltbush
Woodside Cheese Saltbush

Woodside Cheese Saltbush: Review

Visually impressive and very strongly flavoured cheese. Woodside Cheese Saltbush is made by renowned cheese maker Kris Lloyd. It’s made from pasteurised goat’s milk and made with vegetarian rennet. The paste is white and on the firmer side of soft (similar to a Boursin cheese) while the outside is covered in dried saltbush. The medium intensity herbal nose gives way to strong flavour in the mouth. The minerality of the goat’s milk is already strong, yet the herbal notes from the saltbush are stronger still. Savoury with relatively high acidity and salt. As a result there are complex flavours that have a long finish. Not for the faint hearted.

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Where to Buy

I got mine from The Cheese Making Workshop in Coff’s Harbour, NSW.

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