Non-Alcoholic Wine Review

Win.e Tempranillo Non Alcoholic Wine (Valbuena de Duero, Spain)

Win Tempranillo Red Wine
Win Tempranillo Red Wine

Win.e Tempranillo Non Alcoholic Wine: Review

Before we start: If you are new to drinking non-alcoholic wine try my 2 minute Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wine and my Top Non-Alcoholic Drinks Picks. This is up there with best non-alcoholic reds. Win.e Tempranillo red wine has a dark fruit core, Ribena-like blackcurrant, stewed blacked fruits, maybe some kirsch – and rather unusually – rhubarb. I think it maybe that rhubarb element that might cause a double-take when first tasting this – there is something that that strikes the drinker as unusual. Regardless, this wine opens out nicely with a little bit of air. It’s very balanced and smooth. So, all the technical aspects are there – the balance, good fruit and intensity. The reason I rate this wine highly is that it is so hard to make a good dry non-alcoholic red, and yet harder still to make one that has those dark flavours present. Newblood Shiraz is probably the best our there, yet even that isn’t as darkly flavoured as this wine. The only other non-alcoholic red that manages that is the Domaine de la Prade Cab Merlot but I feel this wine is better since it keeps more of the wine’s soul through the de-alcoholisation process,a dn it is also a few dollars cheaper. That said, if anyone is expecting a Spanish Rioja then forget it. There’s no oak here, nor allspice. The focus is very much on fruit flavours. I found this a very enjoyable drink, with no regrets the next day. Will be a repeat buy for me.

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Food Matching | Food Pairing

Tomato based dishes or stews. For cheese try a semi-hard cheese such a L’√Ārtisan’s Fermier, or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

It’ll cost about AUD 18. I got mine online from Sans Drinks.

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