Wine Review

Pizzini Arneis (King Valley, VIC)

Well made wine with good balance, clean taste, and nice hint of pear and apple like flavours throughout.

Arneis grapes are usually grown in the Alto Adige north-east alpine region of Italy. It is being grown in northern Victoria too. If this wine by Pizzini is anything to go by then quality and wine making had improved a lot. Gone are the acid-bombs arneis wine that I was drinking 10 years ago. Pizzini have got the acidity correct on this wine and so create a space where the other flavours speak for themselves.

Good with light tasting foods and to drink stand-alone while with friends. It’d be a pleasing change for the types of people that order a standard grigio or savvy b (Aussie slang for sauvignon blanc) at the bar, while also pleasing those that consider themselves more discriminating.

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