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Mayford Tempranillo 2018 (Alpine Valleys, VIC)

Mayford tempranillo

Many years ago as a teenager, when my dad allowed me a glass of wine to go with Sunday lunch my favourite was always the tempranillo-dominated aged riojas from Spain, a feeling that has never left me. So, I’ve a soft spot for tempranillo, and forever check them out.

The best of Australian tempranillos have come a long way in the 15 years I have lived here. Once upon a time they were bland fruit driven things only good for goon or cooking wine. But things have changed a I know of several Australian producers making well crafted and individual tempranillo with really interesting expressions. Many of the best are from the northern part of Victoria with good examples from the Rutherglen and Beechworth regions, and today’s feature wine from the Alpine Valley region.

Mayford’s tempranillo is very impressive. If i had to pick one thing that won me over it was the complexity of taste that just seemed to evolve and evolve. At one point I was think about black olives….so there are interesting funky flavours. If you enjoy thinking about the wine you are drinking, or discussing it with friends, then this wine is a good candidate. Although it was perfectly drinkable from opening, the complex flavours needed a bit of time to show – about an hour. So, pour it in a jug or decanter and let it breathe.

Very good balance and nice finish. Can drink now however I think this one can age too. At AUD 38 this one is not cheap either in absolute terms or compared to other Aussie tempranillos since most are priced in the range AUD18-29. When I look at the offline hype online, and consider how I enjoyed this wine I suspect it could end up being a collectors wine in years to come.

Thanks to my drinking partner lepetitefoodie for the photo.

Where to buy

Again, wine and cheese are loves of mine so I’ve no commercial interest in any way with all this.

Use wine-searcher to find your nearest or cheapest bottle. I got mine bottle from Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn, Melbourne which serendipitously has a store next door with a good cheese selection.


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