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Chrismont Marzemino Frizzante (King Valley, VIC)

Chrismont ‘La Zona’ Marzemino Frizzante

Unique? Yes, yes, yes.

Good? Oh….yes, yes, yes and yes. And at 10% alcohol will let you party with no regrets

Value for money? You bet. Sub-AUD20. It’s a steal.

It’s a very approachable dark red wine made from an uncommon grape (marzemino) that feels sort of fizzy (frizzante) though there are no visible bubbles – a teeny-weeny bit like the feeling sherbet powder has on your tongue. Drink chilled. An excellent summer wine that can be drunk outdoor with friends, and keep the red wine snobs happy, and amazed. It has an all-comers appeal.

The variety hails from northern Italy; Lombardia, Trentino, Alto Adige, through to Fruili. DNA profiling suggests it is related to the teroldego variety that also prevails in that part of the world, and again uncommon in Australia. Frizzante is the style, which if you are unfamiliar with it and want to wine-geek out with me for a moment, comes from a secondary fermentation process done with a lower than usual pressure level of carbon dioxide.

I’m not aware of anyone else growing marzemino in Australia other than Chrismont. I really like what the team at Chrismont do. A lot of delightful interesting wines that are well made.

Where to buy

Try . I bought mine on a recent trip that took in Chrismont cellar door. They sell online.

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My quaffing buddy Le Petite Foodie who did the picture and has own foodie blog.

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