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Whicher Triple Cream (Margaret River, WA)

Whicher Triple Cream
Whicher Triple Cream

Whicher Triple Cream: Review

Nice triple cream. Whicher Triple Cream is a soft white mould cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk using non-animal rennet. I tasted this on the ‘best before’ date so got it ripe. I think it could have been left longer. There was a little bit of that lovely goo in the middle of paste, I think another couple of weeks would have been great (eat at own risk!). The ivory colour paste has a even consistency. The aroma is a medium intensity with cauliflower notes. A a result of being a triple cream cheese the flavour is full-on dairy. Enjoyable cheese.

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Where to Buy

I got mine from Winespeake in Daylesford, Victoria.

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