Non-Alcoholic Beer Review

Upflow ‘New World’ Non-Alcoholic IPA Beer (Australia)

Upflow New World IPA Non-alcoholic
Upflow New World IPA Non-alcoholic

Upflow ‘New World’ Non-Alcoholic IPA Beer: Review

Enjoyable non-alcoholic beer. Upflow ‘New World’ Non-Alcoholic IPA beer was reviewed blind alongside the alcoholic Wayward IPA. As you can see from the picture below the Upflow IPA is a much lighter straw colour in comparison to Wayward.

Upflow IPA vs Wayward IPA
Upflow IPA vs Wayward IPA

The colour lightness correctly hints that Upflow IPA has lighter body than most other IPAs. As a result it is nearer to being an XPA. Regardless, it is enjoyable stuff. The aroma is fruity and floral with some biscuit present. Floral flavours are present in the mouth too, along with some bread, and a moderate bitterness, a medium level of astringency, and some almond-like oxidative qualities.

The can cost about AUD 4.50.

Energy is 74 calories per 375ml can, so roughly half the same volume of alcoholic IPA.

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Where to Buy

Very widely available through both online and bricks and mortar shops, including Dan Murphys. So, just use your search engine. I got mine from Decanters by the Bay in Port Melbourne.


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