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Truffled Cheddar by Tamar Valley Truffles (Tamar Valley, TAS)

Truffled Cheddar by Tamar Valley
Truffled Cheddar by Tamar Valley Truffles

Truffled Cheddar by Tamar Valley Truffles: Review

Truffled Cheddar by Tamar Valley Truffles is a 14 month aged cow’s milk cheddar that has been infused with black truffle and truffle oil, and made in Tasmania. It is a block cheddar that comes encased in a thin white wax. Cutting inside reveals a soft ivory-yellow paste with a green tinge. At room temperature this paste is nearly spreadable. Truffle dominates the aroma and the also dominates the strong flavour profile – the cheddar flavours more in the background. Creamy texture and at times a bit powdery.

Uses animal rennet.

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Tamar Valley Truffles also do a truffled brie amongst their truffle orientated range.

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Three Daughters cheddar by The Pines Kiarma: Very good moreish cheddar from NSW without the truffles.

Bay of Fires clothbound cheddar: Firmer and more complex Tasmanian cheddar with good distributions across specialist cheese shops and so relatively easy to find.

Murray Bridge Clothbound Cheddar : Very complex aged cheddar. Sure to delight the cheese connossieur.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Tricky with wine, as I’d suggest a cider or beer to go alongside this. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine from Boccaccio IGA, in Melbourne’s Burke Road. Tamer Valley Truffles’ website list their stockists.

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