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Top Rated Australian Cheese

Each month I highlight one artisan cheese deserving of special attention. Worth the effort to find.

Cheese of the Month (November 2021)

Brewer’s Gold by Prom Country is an exceptional washed rind cow’s milk cheese display powerful smells, flavour and amazing textures

.Prom Country Brewer's Gold washed rind cheese

Cheese of the Month (October 2021)

It’s the texture that is the element that is the standout with Pearl by The Pines Kiarma. Like Kate Winslet standing at the tip of Titantic.
And with great flavour too.

Pearl by The Pines Kiarma.

Cheese of the Month (September 2021)

Long Paddock Bluestone. In central Victoria there is a cheesemaking school based in The Mill, Castlemaine. Long Paddock lives here. Among the expanding range their Bluestone – a ewe’s milk blue cheese. It took me aback when I tasted it. I asked myself “How good is that?”

Similar to France’s Bleu de Basque cheese, Bluestone has great balance and flavours. And no, it’s not “too sheepy”. It’s just jolly good.
. Long Paddock Bluestone cheese

The ‘Go-To’ Cheeses

Available all year round, and widely distributed across the country’s specialist cheese shops, these cheeses I recommend for my friends new to Australia’s fantastic artisan cheeses.

Soft White MouldTruffled CheeseSemi-HardBlueHard Cheese
L'Artisan ExtravagantWoombye Truffle Triple BrieSection 28 Mont PriscillaBerry's Creek Tarwin BlueBay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar
Extravagant by L’Artisan is the ultimate triple cream soft cheese. Made in Victoria and with good distribution across the nation. You’ll never buy D’Affinois again.So many good truffle cheeses out there. Woombye Truffle Triple from Queensland is amongst the most widely available, multi-award winning and totally delicious.Mont Priscilla by Section 28. South Australian cow’s milk cheese with a streak of ash midway. The answer to France’s Morbier.Tarwin Blue by Berry’s Creek. Inspired by Stilton, but better than Stilton. Made in Victoria by one the world’s greatest blue cheesemakers, Barry Charlton.Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar. Good texture and complexity from this Tasmanian cheese. I chose this over Murray Bridge Aged Cheddar because it is easier to find.


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