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The Peaks Monolith (High Country, VIC)

The Peaks Monolith goat's cheese
The Peaks Monolith goat’s cheese

The Peaks Monolith: Review

Delicious and immaculately balanced goats cheese. The Peaks Monolith hails from norther Victoria. The cheese is mould ripened and dusted with grapevine ash White coloured, with medium softness and an aroma of herbs and green vegetables. On the palate green vegetable and mineral. Great balance and totally moreish. The salt is less noticeable than many other goats cheeses. Similarly with the acidity. I loved it. Will be a repeat buy. I think this would convert many people that had not previously enjoyed goat’s cheese to be fans.

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There are many artisan goat’s cheese makers in Australia. Meredith Dairy is probably the producer easiest to find. Amongst the other leading lights are (in no particular order) Holy Goat, Woodside, and Stone and Crow. You can see them all here. Of note

Holy Goat Brigid’s Well: same producer, more good quality goat cheese

Many great goat’s milk cheeses made by Woodside and its famed cheesemaker Kris Lloyd. Their Monet is a cheese work of art covered in flowers. One any cheese platter this will be the visual centrepiece.,

Boatshed Oasis: rolled in herbs, this goat’s cheese comes from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try a medium bodied white like a sauvignon blanc or a viognier Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

This cheese is fairly easy to get hold of in specialist cheese shops and some farmers markets in Victoria, though it has not reached major grocery chains. I got mine from Harper and Blohm in Melbourne,.

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