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That’s Amore Oaxaca (VIC)

That's Amore Oaxaca
That’s Amore Oaxaca

That’s Amore Oaxaca: Review

Melting cheese. That’s Amore Oaxaca is a soft white cheese made with cow’s milk. It is used for melting and cooking, and is made in the style of the Mexican cheese of the same name, using the pasta filata technique taken from Italy to Mexico by Dominican friars. The cheese is made into strips that that then curled into snail shell-like round spirals. Not a cheese for the platter. Aroma is of faint diary which translate to milky taste. Slightly chewy when eaten by itself. Think mozzarella.

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Where to Buy

Check That’s Amore’s website, they also sell direct online. I got mine from Harper and Blohm.


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