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Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016 (Granite Belt, QLD)

Symphony Hill Wines Reserve Nebbiolo 2016
Symphony Hill Wines Reserve Nebbiolo 2016

Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016: Review

Although I can think of few reasons why I ought not to like this wine, the real story is that I loved it. So, why the preconceptions about Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016? Well, I guess I brought a lot of mental baggage to this one: the winery is from Queensland (through the grapes from New England) and so not from a more a more traditional cooler climate wine region in Victoria, the grape nebbiolo is very fickle. And the things I like about nebbiolo – it’s usual light bodied delicacy and rose petal nose – had little chance of being here. I generally dislike light bodied grapes being turned into a powerful wine nearer shiraz in style. That’s a lot of baggage.

This is indeed big wine with big flavour. As a result it is not the gentle light bodied nebbiolo so often found. But it works. Maybe because of the great fruit it delivers flavours of black cherry, liquorice and a bit of tar. At times I got some herbs on the nose too. The wine is seamless. Powerful with no hard edges, and a good finish. Very enjoyable stuff…at a price, AUD 65.

14.6% alcohol by volume. Vegan friendly.

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Food Matching | Food Pairing

It’s a big red. Go for a semi-hard cheese or even a cheddar. See my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Try Wine Searcher. Or order direct from Symphony Hill winery. I bought mine from Melbourne’s Northside Wines.


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