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Stone and Crow Galactic (Yarra Valley VIC)

Stone and Crow Galactic

Stone and Crow Galactic: Review

It’s sooo dainty! Stone and Crow Galactic comes as a wee 40g disc of cheese made from cow’s milk using vegetarian rennet. There’s a thin white mould rind with an intense smell that cuts easily to reveal an ivory coloured paste. There’s dairy and a chalky or slightly powdery flavour, with less pronounced with fungal and herbal elements.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

In terms of wine matching try Plus and Minus Blanc de Blancs or Dal Zotto Prosecco, Stargazer Rada or check my cheese and wine matching guide.

You might also like to try

Butterfly Factory make some nice gentle lactic cheeses, try their Monkery, and Chamela.

Delightful cosft cheese, this time made from buffalo milk is Boatshed Tempest

And Stone and Crow are prolific and experimental. Try Joe Crow, ash soft goat’s milk Amiel, and their hard Unnamed Goat, their Truffle’d Triple Cream and limited edition Curfew cheeses.

Where to buy

I bought mine from from Geelong’s Cheese Society. Or check with the producer.

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