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Stargazer Rada blend 2020 (Pipers River + Coal River Valley, TAS)

Stargazer Rada blend
Stargazer Rada blend 2020

Stargazer Rada blend 2020: Review

Move over Big Aussie Red Lover…, this wine isn’t for you. I reviewed Stargazer’s really special white blend called Tupelo in 2020. I think whoever works in the fields growing the grapes for Stargazer, whoever picks and sorts them, and whoever the chemist winemaker magicians are doing something special. Because Stargazer Rada blend is sophisticated wine. Sure, it is Australian, and so yes it is driven by fruit; but this wine is the polar opposite of big red, Yellowtail, the barbecue shiraz. Instead is classy and refined. In the glass it has a beautiful clearness. The fragrance is floral. Flavours are of integrated red fruits and passes seamlessly through the palate. It is very smooth since the winemaker has elected not to go down the path of many young pinot noirs and meuniers which can often have disjointed jarring acidity and big tannins. This wine is drinking well now and I suspect will get better still and more interesting yet. Make sure this wine is served slightly chilled but not fridge cold.

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Food Matching | Food Pairing

For cheese try a soft white cow’s milk cheese like Chamela or Boatshed Tempest, or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Failing that always try Wine Searcher It’ll cost about AUD 13. I got mine direct from Stargazer for about AUD35


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