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Section 28 Mont Priscilla (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Section 28 Mont Priscilla
Section 28 Mont Priscilla

Section 28 Mont Priscilla: Review

Gosh, this is good stuff. The giveaway sign that Section 28 Mont Priscilla is inspired by France’s Morbier cheese is the tell tale vein of charcoal in the middle. Although inspired by a classic Section 28 does not ape it slavishly, since there is a stamp of their individuality here. As a result of that individuality their are distinct textures and flavours to this cheese that I like. The texture has a slight dry chalkiness to it that reminds me of something from a good Lancashire or Wensleydale cheese. There’s also a hint of red wine vinegar in the flavour and aroma profile along with a slightest hint of citrus flavour. Given the flavours I’ve just listed there’s a sourness to the cheese and is typical of cheeses in the Morbier family.

I was pleasantly surprised by this cheese. This is because it is quite different to the other Morbier style cheese made in Australia, L’Artisan‘s more creamy, less crumbly – and easier to find retail – Fermier which is one of my go-to cheeses. Delightful stuff.

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Section 28 make a several Alpine style cheeses. Try raw milk La Saracca, experimental Mont Cheval or seasonal La Primavera, Comte-stye Monforte, Morbier-style Mont Priscilla, and native pepperberry infused Monte Diavolo.

Bruny Island Raw Milk C2: Australia’s first raw milk Alpine style cheese. From Tasmania.

L’Artisan Organic Fermier: Australia’s other Morbier style cheese. Creamier and easier to find retail. Great stuff.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Semi-hard cheese with some acidity: maybe match on acidity with a pinot noir or nebbiolo, or go for contrast with a bigger bodied off dry white like Soumah Estate Viognier, or the non-alcoholic McGuigan Zero Chardonnay. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine from Melbourne’s Harper and Blohm. Section 28 publish a list of stockists nationally or buy online direct from the same website.

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