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Section 28 La Primavera (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Section 28 La Primavera
Section 28 La Primavera

Section 28 La Primavera: Review

Visually stunning and interesting raw (unpasteurised) cow’s milk cheese. “La Primavera” by South Australia’s Section 28 has an abundance of flower petals pressed into the rind. As a result of this having a block of it on the platter provides vivid colours and pot pouri-like smells to any cheese platter. Flower flavours infuse the outer part of the paste too. The flavours are buttery and savoury along with some caramel sweetness. There are some forest floor nuances too near the rind perhaps related to the flower petals used.

Made in very limited quantities for early season milk. Hurry to get it.

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Bruny Island Raw Milk C2: Australia’s first raw milk Alpine style cheese. From Tasmania.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try nebbiolo, or a light/medium bodies red. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

You’ll need to go a cheese specialist. A list of stockist is available on Section 28’s website. I bought this cheese twice, once from Harper and Blohm, and another time from Ripe. Both deliver.


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