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Samuel’s Gorge Graciano 2018 (McLaren Vale, SA)

Samuel's Gorge Graciano
Samuel’s Gorge Graciano

Samuel’s Gorge Graciano 2018 Review

Not many people have heard of graciano, and if they have it is because they know it is a minor partner in the blends from Rioja, Spain, leaving tempranillo as the dominant player. As a result it is unusual to find it by itself, but it comes as no surprise that Samuel’s Gorge Graciano is from McLaren Vale where there seems to be quite a bit of experimentation and innovation going on at the moment.

The wine is full bodied. It’s tastes big (14.5% ABV, 8.6 standard Australian Units). With two years of bottle age it remains fruit driven with the initial blast of fruit being somewhere between blackcurrant and elderberry. Towards the back of mouth the flavours fanned out to become more red fruit; the manner in which they did so was a point of interest for as it was like a rainbow being spread out.

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Where to Buy

I got mine direct from a LePont Wine Store in S. Melbourne . Failing that always try Wine Searcher It’ll cost about AUD 40-ish.

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