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Prom Country Cheviot (Gippsland, VIC)

Prom Country Cheviot cheese
Prom Country Cheviot cheese

Prom Country Cheviot: Review

Delicious sheep’s milk cheese. Prom Country Cheviot is a semi-hard cheese from Gippsland, Victoria made using non-animal rennet. Rindless ivory colour cheese with a grassy, buttery, creamy aroma. Fairly firm and with a smooth texture similar to cow’s milk Havarti. Falvours are vegetable and herbal dominated. Very moreish.

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Prom Country are prolific and highly regardes cheesemakers making mostly sheep’s milk cheese as well as some cow’s milk cheeses. Their firm Venus Blue cheese is especially highly regarded, other include the softer ashed covered Black Sheep, feta style Moyarra Myrtle, cow’s milk Granny’s Blue, and season soft white mould Indulgence.

Pecora Dairy Yarrawa: a manchego style sheep’s milk cheese from New South Wales

Coal River Farm Mild Meadow : similar moreish texture to Cheviot, but using Tasmanian cow’s milk so with strong dairy flavour.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try sparkling wine or a sauvignon blanc.

Where to Buy

Order online at Prom Country Cheese (who also list their stockists), or Prom Coast Food Collective. I got mine from a cheese subscription box by Bruny Island Cheese.


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