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Powlett Reserve by Prom Country (Gippsland, VIC)

Rowlett Reserve by Prom Country
Rowlett Reserve by Prom Country

Powlett Reserve by Prom Country: Review

Powlett Reserve by Prom Country is a cow’s milk cheese made from Gippsland organic milk from nearby Wattle Bank Farm. It is vegetarian friendly, has a pale yellow-brownish rind leading into a light yellow colour paste that has a delightfully mild dairy nutty flavour. The texture seals the experience. The paste has a Havarti-like quality in the way it feels in the mouth with a slight firmness that yields and parts in a delightful way while savoured in the mouth. Delicious.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

If you are going to drink a red, then try pinot, sangiovese or a red with some acidity. Otherwise a chardonnay will work well. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Best chance is via the Prom Coast Food Collective.

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