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Plus and Minus Shiraz 2020

Plus and Minus Shiraz 2020
Plus and Minus Shiraz 2020

Plus and Minus Shiraz 2020: Review

Before we start: If you are new to drinking non-alcoholic wine try my 2 minute Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wine or my Top Non-Alcoholic Drinks Picks . Let’s face it, the bar for non-alcoholic wine is very low and with most not managing to make it. This is because the process of removing the alcohol can leave wines tasting like wet cardboard. One month ago I had a red de-alcoholised wine that I’ll keep nameless was so bad I couldn’t face more than one sip. Wine makers tend to solve this by adding sugar or un-fermented grape juice, and as a result the flavour of white and sparkling wines has more residual sugar than is the norm.

Plus and Minus shiraz is good – much better than almost all the competition. There’s no wet cardboard and it is fairly dry in style. It has a pleasing and approachable rounded fruitiness to it that will suit food and quaffing. While being fruity it is best suited as a long drink over which time should be spent.

This wine will not be mistaken for an alcoholic wine in terms of taste. This wine is more fruity than most alcoholic shiraz and lacks the latter’s weight. But, it is a solid effort and one of the best de-alcoholised reds I’ve had a long with Newblood Shiraz 2019 closely followed by more commonly available McGuigan Zero Shiraz .

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Newblood Shiraz 2019 (no alcohol). Non-alcoholic wine made in NSW, Australia. Arguably the best non-alcoholic dry red out there, from anywhere.

McGuigan Zero Shiraz (no alcohol). The one most likely to be available on the high street.

Plus and Minus Blanc de Blancs (no alcohol). Amongst the best non-alcoholic wines there is. A sparkling white wine.

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Food Matching | Food Pairing

Although shiraz is usually matched with sheep and goats milk cheeses, the relative lightness and fruitiness of this one means I suggest a softer style cow or buffalo milk cheese like L’Artisan Marcel, Chamela, Boatshed Tempest, Woombye Ash Triple Brie, or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Always try Wine Searcher It’ll cost about AUD 13. I got mine from Alcofree, or the producers – Fourth Wave Wine.

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