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Pizzini Verduzzo 2019 (King Valley, VIC)

Pizzini Verduzzo 2019 : Review

Quaffable Pizzini Verduzzo 2019 dry white wine from King Valley typifies the commitment to the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay). And Pizzini does with with its emphasis on growing grape varieties from originating from Italy. In this case it is verduzzo, a variety mostly associated with the Friuli region of north eastern Italy between Venice and the Alps.

I like this wine. I tasted it over three periods and the key thing I got out of it is the importance of serving at the right temperature. I preferred this wine refridgerator cold, when warmer I found it less pleasing. Being fridge-cold brought out characteristics that I liked most. Amongst those were the ‘grip’ in the flavour and body that positioned it well in the middle of the spectrum between acidic and revitalising sauvignon blancs and fuller bodied and oak-ier chardonnays. I tasted a bit of lemon and pear combined with honeysuckle and a pleasing restraint and balance. There was something about this wine that gave it a bit of gravitas without getting too serious.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Partying? yes you can, but may not the first drink. Have a glass fizz or a more refreshing drink first, then wait for this one to handle your ever-so slightly faded taste buds and handle the fact your conversation is getting just a little but more earnest. And food? Yes; salads and white fish dishes, light cheeses such as a Chamela by the Butterfly Factory or Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie.

Where to Buy

Try Wine Searcher for your nearest stockist. I got mine from Pizzini directly for AUD 28 (~USD 22).

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My shutterbug ally Le Petite Foodie for use of the pics

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