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Pecora Dairy Yarrawa (NSW)

Yarrawa Raw Milk Cheese

Yarrawara Raw Milk Cheese: Review

Yarrawara is another vegetarian-friendly sheep’s milk cheese made by Pecora in New South Wales. A few weeks ago I reviewed their Bloomy soft cheese. I liked this cheese even more. It is a zippy Spanish style semi-hard with herbaceous, citrus and floral notes with an exceptionally clean flavours and a lingering finish. If you are familiar with manchego then this will get you in the ballpark. It is at the harder end of semi-hard since it just about cuts cleanly from the block. If it were any harder then it would crumble and entering into parmesan-like textures.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Dry sherry, medium bodied red wines with a slight savouriness such as a sangiovese, or Chrismont sagrantino

Where to buy

A list of stockists is here. I bought mine from Ripe in Melbourne’s Queen Vic


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