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Paris Creek Farms Triple Cream Camembert (SA)

Paris Creek Farms Triple Camembert
Paris Creek Farms Triple Camembert

Paris Creek Farms Triple Camembert: Review

Acceptable soft white cheese. Paris Creek Farms Triple Camembert is made from biodynamic and organic cow’s milk and cream. Because non-animal rennet is used it is vegetarian friendly. A white mould soft cheese with a gentle smell of mushrooms and the slightest whiff of ammonia, The ivory colour paste is soft though not so gooey for the cheese to lose its shape. Being a triple cream cheese flavour is dominated by cream and butter, with some cauliflower. Medium levels of salt and acidity. Perfectly respectable cheese to put on platter or put in a salad. Has wide distribution (see below) by virtue of group being owned by the Maggie Beer Group.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try complimenting the strong dairy flavours with a full bodied white chardonnay or viognier, or choose the acidity of a younger shiraz to cut through dairy.

Where to Buy

Widely available through Australia’s Woolworths. Paris Creek Farms have a tool on their website to find other stockists.

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