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Onkaparinga Triple Cream Brie (Mt Lofty Ranges, SA)

Onkaparinga Triple Cream Brie (Mt Lofty Ranges, SA)
Onkaparinga Triple Cream Brie

Onkaparinga Triple Cream Brie: Review

Onkaparinga Triple Cream Brie comes from South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges. Is it because of where it comes from that it is unusually packaged? Possibly, since it comes in a distinctive foil lined square that you could draw right angles in a mathematics class. And opening the packaging reveals a white rind brie that had a much more full and creamy taste than another unbranded brie style cheese I had on the same evening coming from Gippsland. Pleasant eating.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

White wine: Try chardonnay which will deal with the lush creaminess of this wine best. For an alternative grape variety, try Pizzini’s Verduzzo 2019.

Where to buy

I nkaparinga’s website will point to to their distributor from more information on where to buy I got mine from Boccaccio Ritchies IGA in Balwyn, Melbourne with its award winning cheese selection.

Or ask the producer via their website here

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