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Nightwalker by Stone and Crow (Yarra Valley, VIC)

Nightwalker by Stone and Crow
Nightwalker by Stone and Crow

Nightwalker by Stone and Crow: Review

Tasted when ripened seven days past the ‘best before’ date. Nightwalker by Stone and Crow is a cow’s milk washed rind cheese with a savoury umani taste with some woody notes. The orange rind gives off a moderate ammonia smell, and encases a soft yellow paste that is nearly but not quite goo, and thick creamy mouthfeel. Relative to other artisan cheeses, has good distribution at least in Melbourne. Vegetarian friendly.

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Stone and Crow make a wide variety of cheese, many of which I’ve reviewed here.

1792 by Bruny Island: Possible the benchmark artisan Aussie washed rind.

Barossa Artisan Washed Rind: Compelling washed rind cheese from South Australia

Prom Country Brewer’s Gold: Limited edition release of this beer washed cheese from Gippsland. Insanely good.

L’Artisan Marcel: Lovely soft cheese from Victoria.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

As it is a washed rind cows milk cheese try a fuller aromatic red such as a bigger pinot or nebbiolo, examples being Stargazer Rada or Vinea Marson Nebbiolo. Or try one of Monceau’s fabulous non-alcoholic pear or apple kombuchas in the style of cider. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I bought mine at Ripe in Melbourne, and I’ve seen it at Harper and Blohm. Also check Stone and Crow’s Facebook feed.

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