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Murray Bridge Cloth Aged Cheddar (Murray Bridge, SA)

Murray Bridge Cloth Aged Cheddar

Murray Bridge Cloth Aged Cheddar: Review

Probably the best cheddar available retail in Australia beating all international competition. We all know that some people think cheddar is that grocery store plastic wrapped block cheese we use to put in our child’s sandwiches for school lunch. And if you’ve gone to the lengths of finding this cheese review you’ll already have some premonition that Murray Bridge Cloth Aged Cheddar is really not one of those cheeses. This is very adult. X rated. 18+. It’s the quality of cheese making combined with four years of aging. As result it goes beyond many clothbound cheddars and enters a different level populated by aged wonders such as gouda. Just inside the rind the paste takes on almost crystalline demented orange and burnt yellows before transitioning to more traditional yellows further in. And those colours are a premonition of the flavours to come, a wonderful array of complex nutty, caramel and umani flavours, big savoury, big sweetness, good acidity. Long finish. This cheese is a treat for serious people. Buy it.

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Go big. Get out the port. Get our the big cabernet or shiraz, a Chrismont Sagrantino, or even a whiskey. or check my cheese and wine matching guide.

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Where to buy

I think Ripe bought it all. Can be bought online.

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