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Maffra Peppercorn Cheddar (Gippsland, VIC)

Maffra Peppercorn Cheddar
Maffra Peppercorn Cheddar

Maffra Peppercorn Cheddar: Review

This is a visually striking cheese since it is encased in a layer a black wax and the paste is speckled with cracked peppercorns, so it’d look good ona cheese platter. Maffra Peppercorn Cheddar is nice to eat too. The pepper flavours slowly build up yet compliment the cheddar flavours rather than overwhelm them. The cheddar flavour are those of one of the nicer block cheddars that we’d all find in a high street grocery store. As result there’s a nice balance of savouriness, acidity and salt unpinned by some dairy flavours. There’s a slight minerality too. The consistency is even, so this is not a crumbly cheese.

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Where to Buy

This should be fairly easy to get. I got mine direct from IGA Ritchies in Balwyn, Melbourne.

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