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Lino Ramble Saperavi (McLaren Vale, SA)

Lino Ramble ‘Simon Says’ Saperavi 2017

Lino Ramble Saperavi: Review

Saperavi is a grape variety that originates from Georgia in the Caucuses south of Russia, and most commonly planted throughout former Soviet republics.

It is thought that the first ever wines were produced thousands of years ago somewhere between Georgia and Iran. During the Soviet era visitors to a restaurant would most likely be served wine from Georgia. So, grapes from this part of the world have mighty history.

There are several wine makers in Australia making saperavi based based. Most I’ve seen are from northern Victoria where grape experimentation is rife. This one, made by Lino Ramble is from South Australian’s McLaren Vale region. It is a well made wine, very moreish, and a very even taste in all parts of the mouth. It is drinking well now. Refreshingly, the tasting notes on the label are accurate – it’s the blackcurrant taste that is noticed first, followed by dark chocolate and thyme. Very pleasant, a little bit different without being too radical.

How to drink | Food matching | Food pairing

Can be drunk by itself, it will go well with stews and tomato based Italian food. A semi-hard cheese such as Joe Crow would work too.

Where to buy

I got mine from an online auction site. As usual try Wine Searcher, or go to the wine maker’s website. Cost when new is in the range AUD35-40 (USD 28)

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