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Le Petit Etoile Cabernet Sauvignon (France)

Le Petit Etoile Cabernet Sauvignon
Le Petit Etoile Cabernet Sauvignon

Le Petit Etoile Cabernet Sauvignon: Review

Before we start: If you are new to drinking non-alcoholic wine try my 2 minute Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wine or my Top Rated Alcohol Free Wines. While Le Petit Etoile Cabernet Sauvignon ticks a lot of boxes such as being vegan-friendly, organic and biodynamic and label design that make this look like a serious French wine I have a problem that the flavour is just not there. There is some of cabernet’s archetypal blackcurrent flavour there, but not in abundance, and hidden behind some black cherry and that rhubarb thing that European non-alcoholic wine seems to focus upon. The flavours are not strong and will seem watery to some. Pierrie Chavin has invested a lot of non-alcoholic wines and I really want to support them in this endeavour. But on the evidence of this and their Les Cocottes offering they really need to up their quality. If the cherry and rhubarb flavour profile is appealing to you then Win.e Tempranillo is a much, much better offering. If it is not then get Newblood Shiraz. This is disappointing wine with a nice label.

0% ABV

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Win.e Tempranillo: A far more balanced alcohol free red that does stewed cheery and rhubarb flavours much better. Spanish. Win.e also does a 12 month aged version.

Lautus Savvy Red: The best dry red non-alcoholic wine there is in my opinion. South African.

Newblood Shiraz: Very good dry red non-alcoholic wine. Australian.

Songbird Cabernet Sauvignon: The other contender to be best dry red. Also Australian.

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McGuigan Zero Shiraz (de-alcoholised). Most widely available, in retail stores such as Dan Murphy’s. Again, has a lighter and fruiter style.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Food doesn’t deserve this wine. Neither does your mouth.

Where to Buy

I got mine online from Sansdrinks in Australia for about AUD 19 (approx USD 14).

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