Non-Alcoholic Wine Review

Lautus Savvy Red (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Lautus Savvy Red
Lautus Savvy Red

Lautus Savvy Red : Review

Before we start: If you are new to drinking non-alcoholic wine try my 2 minute Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wine or my Top Rated Alcohol Free Wines. Simply the best dry red non-alcoholic wine I’ve had. For a long time I have thought Australia’s Newblood Shiraz as the best, but Lautus Savvy Red is one better. It is a blend of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and pinotage grapes. the wine was aged in oak for 9-12 months. As a result this is darker coloured than almost all non-alcoholic reds I’ve had with a good dark fruit smell. In the mouth dark fruits and a slight herbal quality and a hint of tannin. Very smooth across the entire palate.

Compare this to the better non-alcoholic competitors. The fruit driven ones such as Newblood Shiraz and Songbird Cabernet Sauvignon taste lighter and fruitier than alcoholic wines using the same grapes. And you can taste the added grape juice in them, which also makes them borderline off-dry. The better European non-alcoholic reds such as Win.e Tempranillo can have an unusual flavour somewhere between stewed cherries and rhubarb. Add to that that fact that in all my 13 months reviewing non-alcoholic wines has the word ‘tannin’ entered by reviewing lexicon. So compare all that to Lautus Savvy Red, where the fruit is dark and brooding, there are some more complex flavours such as herbs which we find in some alcoholic red wines, as well as he presence of a bit of tannin. I still think in a blind taste you;d know this was a non-alcoholic wine, but this is the nearest there is to the flavour experience.

< 0.5% ABV

Energy 30 Cal per 100ml

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Win.e Tempranillo: A far more balanced alcohol free red that does stewed cheery and rhubarb flavours much better. Spanish. Win.e also does a 12 month aged version.

Newblood Shiraz: An alternative contender to be the best dry red non-alcoholic wine. Australian.

Songbird Cabernet Sauvignon: The other contender to be best dry red. Also Australian.

Plus and Minus Shiraz (de-alcoholised): More zero alcohol Australian shiraz. This has a much lighter and fruiter style.

McGuigan Zero Shiraz (de-alcoholised). Most widely available, in retail stores such as Dan Murphy’s. Again, has a lighter and fruiter style.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

The acidity and fruitiness of this wine means it should be treated more like an alcoholic sangiovese. So try tomato based dishes and white meats. For cheese, try semi-hard an hard cow’s milk cheeses.

Where to Buy

Global reader should use wine-searcher to find nearest stockist and price.

In Australia there are several vendors so Google it or use the wine-searcher link above. I got mine online from Sansdrinks in Australia for about AUD 21 (approx USD 15).

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