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L’Artisan Petit Fleuri (Mortlake, VIC)

L'Artisan Petit Fleuri
L’Artisan Petit Fleuri

L’Artisan Petit Fleuri: Review

L’Artisan Petit Fleuri is a surface ripened white mould cheese from Victoria. Made from local organic milk from sustainably reared herds of cows. It is a double brie cream cheese – meaning extra cream was added to the milk before the curd was formed giving it a higher butterfat content – and as a result the flavour has a rich dairy quality, enhanced with notes of mushroom. This pictured cheese was tasted at the ‘best before’ date and as you can see it has held its shape, whereas some other soft cheeses would have gone runny in the centre.

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Where to Buy

I bought mine from IGA in Melbourne’s Balwyn. L’Artisan have many stockists so check their website.

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