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L’Artisan Marcel (Mortlake, VIC)

L'Artisan Marcel
L’Artisan Marcel

Usually we can only dream of touching the divine. The serendipity of my experience eating L’Artisan Marcel made me feel my dreams had come true.

Maybe Marcel just caught me at the right moment, the right place, the right mood. But whatever it was, the serendipity and sheer shock of how good this cheese was sent me to a place of cheese ecstasy.

A very soft cheese that at room temperature is high on the goo-scale. And the flavour, oh the flavour. No blandness here.

If you are buying D’Affinois from your local supermarket then this cheese is the one that’ll make want to forget about it.

I bought mine from IGA in Balwyn. L’Artisan lists many more stockists around Australia.


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