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L’Artisan Le Rouge (Mortlake, VIC)

L'Artisan Le Rouge
L’Artisan Le Rouge

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L’Artisan Le Rouge: Review

How on Earth do they do it? L’Artisan Le Rouge is one amongst many cheeses made by L’Artisan and I have to say these people have really raised the bar for Australian made cheese. So, although I don’t know any of them at L’Artisan, I have no commercial interest in them and am not in the trade, I am a lover of cheese. And this one, Le Rouge, is a excellent washed rind cheese which carries great intense flavour, and when served in the right condition offers a range of textures that goes through a delicious gooey centre. I’;ve had this cheese a few times before, and the one pictured above

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

You need wine that will handle and enhance the intensity of flavour of a washed rind. An off-dry aromatic white such as Das Helden Heroes Riesling or Stargazer Tupelo will do well. If you are going for red stay aromatic. I suggest Dune Pyla blend or Apis Field Blend by Crawford River Wines, or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options..

Where to buy

I got mine at Bill’s Farm, however a complete list of stockists is available from the L’Artisan website.


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