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L’Artisan Extravagant (Mortlake, VIC)

L'Artisan Extravagant
L’Artisan Extravagant

L’Artisan Extravagant: Review

Divine and one of the go-to cheese in the Top Rated Australian Cheeses. L’Artisan Extravagant is a white mould triple cream in the style of Brillat Savarin. So soft and moreish. The rind has aroma of mushrooms and flour, while in the mouth there are pronounced lush dairy flavours, cauliflower and a deep umani. The finish has great length. This is superb cheesemaking. There’s really no excuse to buy D’Affinois or a French triple cream brie after eating Extravagant. This is essential stuff.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Needs a full bodied white wine such as a chardonnay, or viognier. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

While it is not available to Coles or Woolies, it is fairly widely available. L’Artisan lists their stockists here.


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