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Kris Lloyd Bertie Buffalo Brie (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Kris Lloyd Bertie Buffalo Brie
Kris Lloyd Bertie Buffalo Brie

Kris Lloyd Bertie Buffalo Brie: Review

Acceptable soft cheese. Kris Lloyd Bertie Buffalo Brie is is a white mould soft cheese made from pastuerised buffalo milk using non-animal rennet, so it is vegetarian-friendly. The rind has a slightly fungal/earthy aroma along with a hint a ammonia. The paste is was soft and consistent, though not gooey; it it has an ivory colour (the photo makes it look a bit more yellow than it actually is). There is a natural dairy sweetness to the taste, along with some cauliflower notes.

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Kris Lloyd is a highly regarded artisan cheesemaker. Many of her cheeses are marketed using the Woodside Cheese label. Find them reviewed here.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try a medium bodied white like a sauvignon blanc or a viognier, or light red such as young pinot noir Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Good luck. You can always try Kris Lloyd’s website, but at the time of posting this cheese was not listed there. I got mine from Le Pont wine store in South Melbourne


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