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Heroes: Das Helden Riesling 2018 (Geelong, VIC)

This wine is off-dry and was a great match for my evening’s food – a Thai/Malaysian style caramelised pork belly with deep fried barramundi fish and salad of apple, mint salad, coriander and nam jim sauce. The Melbourne readers amongst you may know this as being straight out of the Chin Chin cookbook.

Because this riesling comes from Geelong, one of Australia’s cooler regions its characteristics are more restrained than rieslings from Clare and Eden Valley’s. As I drank it I thought it had a really nice lime sorbet thing going on. Lovely mouthfeel. Not at all overbearing. With the alcohol limited to 7.6% I consumed it with somebody I love without fear of a thick head the next day.

Price was about AUD30. Find one near you using Wine Searcher. I got mine from The Wine Corner

Wine Tip: Matching Wine to Asian Food

You probably know this already but if buying wine to have with Asian food containing spices the wine matching rules are (1) avoid wines with tannin (basically that rules out almost all red wines) and (2) choose a wine with a bit natural sugar left in it.

So, that why riesling, gerwurztraminer and sparking shiraz work well with many Asian foods.

Music Tip

Nothing to do with wine and cheese, but it’s my blog so I can write about what I want. The album featuring in the picture is Club Classics: 50 Years of Northern Soul. I suspect ‘Northern Soul’ is a UK-specific term. What the genre is made up of is 1960’s dance music from the USA, often recorded on black-owned labels, and having rarely charted. It sounds a bit like Motown although Northern Soul fans would grizzle at that comment. Northen Soul became a massive cult thing in the 1970’s and has retained its following since then with many original records worth thousands of dollars. Until I bought this album I didn’t know much about the genre so just bought it to learn more. Got to say, I LOVE IT. Makes be so happy. In these COVID times I am tired of hearing new music by depressed people composing in their bedroom about how bad life it. Club Classics: 50 Years of Northern Soul is the perfect tonic. Reminds us that we all need to remember when to smile, dance and love. Where to buy?


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