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Gus by Stone & Crow (Yarra Valley, VIC)

Gus by Stone & Crow
Gus by Stone & Crow

Gus by Stone & Crow: Review

Moreish soft cheese with fresh dairy flavours. Gus by Stone & Crow is a surface ripened lactic triple cream cow’s milk cheese made in the Yarra Valley, Victoria and is vegetarian friendly. It’s an ivory white colour and remains soft without turning to goo as it approaches its best before date. It smells of fresh cut grass and dairy. The triple cream inevitably means is has a rich creamy flavour element. This is combined with some onion-like notes. There’s good nice acidity and a pleasant tang. Very enjoyable.

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Other good lactic cheeses made by local artisans include Long Paddock Silver Wattle and “Indulgence” by Prom Country. Both from Victoria.

Boatshed “Tempest” Buffalo Blue : Another light style brie, made from buffalo milk in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Divine stuff.

L’Artisan Marcel Moreish stuff from Mortlake, Victoria. one of my all time favourites…when eaten ripe.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Needs a white wine such as a chardonnay or viognier to complement the rich dairy flavours of the cheese. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

You’ll probably need a bit of serendipity getting hold of this cheese. I got mine from the Decemeber 2021’s annual Mould Cheese Festival. Mould also deliver cheese so maybe check whether they have any Gus in stock. Similarly check Artisan’s Bend. Or contact Stone & Crow via their Facebook page.

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