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Freeman Rosso Corvina Rondinella 2017 (Hilltops, NSW)

Freeman Corvina Rondinella 2017
Freeman Corvina Rondinella 2019

Freeman Rosso Corvina Rondinella 2017: Review

Corvina and rondinella are the grape varieties underpinning northern Italy’s Valpolicella wine. As a result Freeman Rosso Corvina Rondinella 2019 is in illustrious company. This is the winery’s entry level wine and at AUD 20 it is very good value. Accoridn to their website they are the only winery in Australia growing these grapes. The wine itself has rounded flavours of berries but also some pleasing edge to it. I think it hits a ‘sweet spot;’ that will keep wine quaffers happy, foodies with Italian dishes happy, and give those that like talking about wine happy. And at this price point that is very good going.

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For cheese try a semi=hard or hard cow’s milk cheese like Annie Baxter Reserve, orMurray Bridge Cheddar, Yarrawa or Fermier, or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine direct from a Northside Wines in Preston, Melbourne . Failing that always try Wine Searcher It’ll cost about AUD 20.

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