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Fighting Gully Road Aglianico (Alpine Valleys, VIC)

Fighting Gully Road Aglianico 2012
Fighting Gully Road Aglianico Wine

Fighting Gully Road Aglianico: Review

Fighting Gully Road aglianico is yet another example of northern Victorian wineries trying to do something different and challenging. The challenge are multiple from my point of view. First is that native English speaker will feel nervous how how to pronounce the grape and that might get in teh way of buying it. And, if you are one of those then fear not- the ‘g’ is silent. Just say a-lee-an-ee-ko. Next up is that the wine from southern Italy made from aglianico grapes are often incredible and totally underrated. These wines are powerful reds and ought to be better known. Why aren’t they? Maybe,it is because they come mostly from the region of Basilicata in the ‘foot’ of Italy as opposed to the more famous regions further north of Tuscany and Piedmont?

This all leaves Australian winemakers comparing their wines to a formidable benchmark while creating something individual and local. Australians like a challenge. We’ve got one.

The wine tasted was a eight years old (2012) and bought retail which is appealing as it is a good thing to be able to buying wine with the bottle age all there. Aglianicos often have a lot of tannin so are not usually consumed young. The gutsy tannins were there yet tolerable. It is a deep dark red colour. The smell carried some tobacco and dark cherries. I enjoyed it, as will many that want them to have an opinion about a wine. Party wine this is not. Bold and brooding.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Pair with roast meats and dark stews, or a powerful cheese like Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar

Where to Buy

As always check Wine Searcher for your nearest stockist, or the producers website. I got mine from King and Godfree for AUD 43

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My platter and sipping shutterbug friend Le Petite Foodie for use of the photo

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