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Driftwood by Long Paddock (Castlemaine, VIC)

Driftwood by Long Paddock Cheese
Driftwood by Long Paddock Cheese

Driftwood by Long Paddock: Review

Fun cheese to stick in the oven and bake and when it gets all hot and runny dip bread and crackers into. Driftwood by Long Paddock is made from organic cow’s milk using vegetarian-friendly rennet. The rind is a multi-coloured affair in shaded of ochre with a speckled white flour effect and some darker patches. Digging into the hot cheese has a child-like joy to it and reveal a yellow paste with a natural dairy sweet flavour combined with some woody flavours. But its the fun of scraping the final bits of cheese off the sides of the wooden container, and digging into the corners with your broed or your fingers to get every last bit.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

The strong dairy flavours of this really need a full bodied white such as chardonnay.

Where to Buy

I bought mine from Long Paddock’s Friday evening stall aside Melbourne’s GPO. Can also buy at The Mill in Castlemaine. Check Long Paddock’s Facebook feed for other stockists.

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