Non-Alcoholic Beer Review

Devil’s Peak Hero Beer – Non-Alcoholic (South Africa)

Devils Peak Hero non alcoholic beer
Devils Peak Hero non alcoholic beer

Devil’s Peak Hero Beer – Non-Alcoholic: Review

Lager style beer loaded with lemon-like citrus. Devil’s Peak Hero beer hails from South Africa. it is different from other lagers due to how very citrus the flavour is. It has a light straw colour and is slightly hazy. Aroma is distinctly citrus and fruity with a hint of peach to found there too. No surprises with the lemon characteristics too. Maybe slightly woody too. It’s body is soft and the finish short. I found the mid-palate a bit weak in intensity making me think this beer was a bit ‘watery’. Nonetheless, it is acceptable, and will appeal as a refreshing beer to those that dig lemony, light beer.

Low on calories at 11 Cal per 100ml. Less than 0.5% ABV.

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Where to Buy

There are several vendors online for this beer so use your search engine. I got mine from Decanters by the Bay in Port Melbourne.


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