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Crawford River Wines: Apis Field Blend 2018 (Henty, VIC)

Crawford River Wines: Apis 2018 (Henty, VIC)
Crawford River Wines: Apis 2018 (Henty, VIC)

Crawford River Wines: Apis Field Blend 2018: Review

Crawford River Wines: Apis Field Blend 2018 dry red wine from the Henty region of Victoria is a wine for wine-pontificater to mull over while serendipitously being a vegan-friendly wine. To me, the vegan-friendly bit is interesting in its own right. I’ve been drinking wine for 30+ years, and I don’t remember drinking a vegan-friendly wine. Although I’m not vegan or vegetarian myself, I feel that if that it is good for inclusiveness that choice exists for non-meat eaters, and that they have every right to demand the same levels of quality I taste. I get the fact that non-meat eaters will be looking at the issue from a different moral or ethical stand-point and ask, for a moment, that I’m accepted for attempting a bridge an impossible divide in good faith and intention.

The provenance of this wine, being from Henty is also interesting in its own right. It is in the south-west of Victoria. Although I doubt it has much fame outside of Australia, its cool-climate white wine rieslings and gruner veltliners are superb in a wonderfully restrained style that is seldom known internationally with their Barossa-centric view of Yellowtail Australia. Henty’s wines are worth searching for. Red wines from Henty are less typical, even by the standards of the region. I’ve seen one Henty pinot meunier, but this? Well, it’s a blend of cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. Okay, they are both Bordeaux grapes, but I can’t recall a blend of only these two grapes. In short, this wine is atypical of everything . So, explore and enjoy it.

I liked this wine. The fruit was ripe yielding a medium bodied wine with bright fruit and with balanced acidity. It’s nowhere near as heavy as you’d think given considering it’s a cabernet blend. It had a honeyed roundness to it at the edges. And, it has a certain individuality and angularity to it that means the wine and its flavours would be a conversation point between wine afficionados. Why not get them to taste it blind then set them off to yabber?

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Went well to truffled cheese, but equally with other semi-hard cheese such as L’Artisan Fermier.

Where to Buy

Try Wine Searcher for your nearest stockist. I got mine from The Wine Corner directly for AUD 28 (~USD 22).

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My shutterbug ally Le Petite Foodie for use of the pics


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