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Coal River Farm Mild Meadow (Bream Creek, TAS)

Coal River Farm Mild Meadow
Coal River Farm Mild Meadow

Coal River Farm Mild Meadow: Review

Australian artisan take on Denmark’s Havarti cheese…and a very good one too. Coal River Farm Mild Meadow is a cow’s milk cheese from Tasmania made with non-animal rennet. It is semi-hard in texture with a medium intensity egg-like aromas. The paste is smooth with tastes of naturally sweet dairy. I got a slightest hint of something like ginger in the background of the flavour profile. While the flavours are not extreme…this is gentler, milder stuff than blues, cheddars and washed rind cheeses….there is something so moreish about this cheese. It is almost like there has been a chemical added (there’s hasn’t, I just making a point) to say ‘Gimme more.’.

There are more commonly available factory-made equivalents of this cheese by the likes of South Cape, but I think this one is worth the looking out for instead.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

It’sa semi-hard at teh milder dair end, so go for a fuller bodied white wine like a chardonnay or Soumah Estate Viognier. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I bought mine direct from Coal River Farm online, where you’ll also find a list of stockists.

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