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Coal River Farm Blue (Coal River Valley, TAS)

Coal River Farm Blue Cheese
Coal River Farm Blue Cheese

Coal River Farm Blue Cheese: Review

This cheese was so good I was in shock. Coal River Farm Blue Cheese is a cow’s milk blue cheese made using vegetarian rennet. It has an ivory colour and significant blue streaking. The texture is approaching semi-hard. High intensity on the nose. Tastes creamy and relatively mellow for a blue cheese. Mineral flavours and some umani. Good acidity and salt as you’d expect from a blue. Impressive.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

It’s blue cheese, so find a wine with some sweetness and big body. Port is the classic, or maybe a Rutherglen sticky. If you are feeling generous try Lethbridge Primarone. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I bought mine direct from Coal River Farm. Their website lists some stockists too.

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