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Chrismont ‘La Zona’ Marzemino 2017 (King Valley, VIC)

Chrismont La Zona Marzemino (King Valley, VIC)
Chrismont La Zona Marzemino (King Valley, VIC)

Chrismont La Zona Marzemino 2016: Review

Chrismont La Zona Marzemino 2016 dry red wine from the King Valley region of Victoria is a wine is one of my wines of the year. It does this by being being well made, approachable and serious and interesting all at the same time. Why is this? Because Chrismont have achieved something here that a lot a Australian wineries claim but often fail to live up to; namely that their wines taste European. Most don’t…or my taste buds deceive me. Taste this wine and your are tasting Italy – it just has something Italian about it. And yet it is still an Australian wine; it has that focus on fruit that Australia does so well. So, this wine is a real Euro-Australian hybrid to me. The dark berry fruit is there but something – maybe mastery in wine-making, maybe work in the field, maybe luck, and maybe God – means it is handled with restraint. The fruit doesn’t overpower or overflow. This perfect, yet quixotic hybrid that will give wine lovers something to enjoy chatting about, while being approachable that social drinkers will enjoy this over a meal.

Even better it is sold with 4+ years bottle age on it. So, the flavours…oh, those flavours.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Chrismont recommend a blue cheese such as the amazing Tarwin Blue, or a Stilton. I think it would also go well with meaty stews or roasts.

Where to Buy

Always try Wine Searcher, but I think you’ll need to do as I did, and order it from the Chrismont directly. If going to the cellar door, ytou’ll need ot ask for it as it is not on tasting.

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My shutterbug ally Le Petite Foodie for use of the pics


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