Cheese Review

Pecora Dairy Bloomy (NSW)

Pecora Dairy Bloomy vegetarian sheep milk cheese

It’s a beautiful sheep milk cheese. The different shades of green that coat the rind beguile.

And it tastes nice too. The ‘sheep-iness’ is kept in balance and doesn’t overwhelm the flavour experience. That means there’s a pleasing lightness and creaminess to the flavour. The texture is good as well; think of a thick firm creaminess comparable to a Boursin, or the mighty Blackburn Blue. It cuts easily from the block and spreads easily over a thin cracker with breaking it. I ate it with a plain wafer thin cracker but I think it would complement crackers and biscuits made from darker flavoured flour. The contrast will work well.

Where to buy?

For your local stockists check the here. I bought mine from Ripe.


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