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Bruny Island Saint (Bruny Island, TAS)

Bruny Island Saint….posing on a demented Bowie mouse pillow

So, here’s a question. Since people from Tasmania call Australia ‘the mainland’, what do people from Bruny Island call folk across the water in Tasmania..and then peeps from the big blob of land across the Bass Strait?

This cheese was soooo good. In a world full of yet-another-forgettable-brie-or camembert-style-cheese Bruny Island‘s Saint stands out from the crowd. For me it is about the delight of the depth and complexity of the flavour, combined with the lush texture of the cheese (soft, but not goo) beneath this ever-so-slightly firm white rind.

I’m not here to bad mouth anyone’s cheeses. If I don’t like them then I’m not gonna write a review at all. The day after eating Saint I had a soft cheese by a fairly well known Victorian cheesemaker. It paled in comparison and only elevated my view of this one. Saint is good stuff.

Eating Saint was a ‘back to mama’ for me. I remember being at a wine show in Melbourne back in 2008 where Bruny Island had a stall. Loved it then can joined their monthly mailing list. The whole range is really good. Hadn’t bought it for a few year when I saw it stocked at Ripe in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market.

The love of my life bought a cushion with a mouse face in the style of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. It’s time has come!

I’m a volunteer blogger and have no commercial interest in a business related to cheese or wine. I just like cheese (and wine). For the record I work in automotive IT. You can buy Bruny Island cheese from their website. I got it from Ripe in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market


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