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Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie (Gippsland, VIC)

Buffalo? Just try it. And try this one.

Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie has a lightness about it that is really appealing. Eating it with friends on a summer’s day in the park will be a delight. And you’ll leave refreshed ready for other fun delights. If you like cow’s milk brie and feel a bit nervous about how different buffalo milk is, then fear not. If you like cow’s milk cheeses then this will not be a problem. The flavour change is not as radical as moving to goat or sheep based cheeses.

I love soft cheeses. This is lighter and and has a less buttery or creamy flavour than many made from cow’s milk. Don’t take that is a criticism, This cheese is really nice. While soft, it holds its shape, so I’ll give it a 7/10 on the cheese-goo scale. Lovely with wafer thin crackers, it’d go well with darker flavoured crackers too.

Made by Berry’s Creek Cheese in Gippsland, Victoria it is available in most states. I got mine at Ripe in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market. According to the shop where I bought it this cheese is vegetarian friendly.

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